the project

Sonic Landscape Interventions is a site-specific soundscape project. The final soundscape can be experienced on the Warnecke Ranch in Sonoma County, California. Walking through the landscape with a smart phone and headphones the sound-walker listens back to field recordings / radiophonic pieces / interviews that were (re)recorded on site. The sound walker creates a narrative sequence by choosing their own path through the landscape that is tracked and available online at:

[edit: the miniatures just get an upgrade and you have to navigate here to find the sonic landscape interventions ]

This project is inspired by postmodern literature and its fragmentation of narration. Books like Rayuela of Julio Cortazar or Gravity’s Rainbow of Thomas Pynchon show a puzzled, nonlinear reality that can be read in different ways. Like in a landscape there are different ways to move from point A to point B. These various trajectories describe different stories that will lead to multiple conclusions and thoughts. These postmodern ideas harmonize well with the Path Integral theories of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), mainly developed by Richard Feynman that revolutionized Physics. A time dependency couples the sound sculpture with the observer, merging both into a single unit. ~ Kris, 2012

Christoph “/Kris/” Limbach (born in 1978) is a sound artist living in Berlin. He graduated in applied physics from FU-Berlin and his knowledge of physics merges into his sound art. His emphasis is always on exploring sound and image in an experimental way. Since 1998, he is also involved in film projects, using film-editing techniques and film sound aesthetics for his sound pieces like the ongoing /begin_ if _ ()/ sound project and live performance. Limbach has collaborated with artists such as Anton Mobin, Rinus van Alebeek, Pierce Warnecke, Hopek Quirin, etc. He works for both film makers and artists such as John Bock as set recordist and sound mixer / sound designer. He runs the /emitter19/ studio and co-curates the /emittermicro/ label and festival in Berlin.

Fieldrecoding is one of his passions that merges into his sound projects. In the sonic landscape interventions fieldrecordings and micro performances will lead into a soundmap of the surroundings of the chalk hill residency, a semi anthropological approach to recover and exhibit the “tuning” of the place.

For Kris’ website click here

There´ s a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the project.


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