#401: 2012.12.16 framework:afield

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this edition of framework:afield was produced by christoph limbach in germany, featuring recordings made by the producer in the united states during a residency in sonoma county, california, using the radio aporee miniatures for mobiles platform.

notes from the producer:

Sonics Landscapes is a “remix” of the sonic walks which were created on the Warnecke Ranch in California during the site-specific sound project Sonic Landscape Interventions. Walking through the landscape with a smart phone and headphones the sound-walker listens back to field recordings / radiophonic pieces / interviews that were (re)recorded on site. The sound walker creates a narrative sequence by choosing their own path through the landscape that is tracked and available online at: http://aporee.org/mfm/tracker.php?id=47.


order sound boxes at rumpsti pumsti

Hello out there, some updates from snowy sunny berlin:

the wire posted one of the soundboxes in their tumblr:


The last sound boxes can be ordered here at rumpsti pumsti mailorder.

And we re preparing the show for framework:afield , so stay tuned for updates!


open studio

We had a lot of fun on the open studio day, visitors did sound walks on the chalk hill ranch and enjoyed the soundscape. the weather was great and there were hundreds of minutes of soundwalks tracked, that will be used for the resonance fm and radioresidue features..

There are still soundboxes available to purchase,  get in contact(mail to–>emitter19 äd gmail dot com)!



san francisco, designing soundboxes

we have a beautiful and busy time in san francisco designing the soundboxes, printing cd s , maps , everything! I will post pictures soon!

meanwhile the map is being completed, I m still editing a lot of fieldrecording and interviews. it is a work in progress and I will be updating the sound scape in berlin in november.

there will be a framework:afield feature on resonancefm , world’s first radio art station, based in London.

some sound from the beach close to the golden gate park last night

beta testing and uploading

This weekend i beta tested the soundscape with the help of beth ferguson, dallas swindle (http://soldesignlab.com/) and beth schechter  and got some useful feedback.

Antons rerecording is online! and some interviewsnippets of karel.

i got a new contribution by Hopek Quirin, a 4 track tape recording from 1989!!!!

this week i m gonna be in san francisco for manufacturing the soundboxes and cd s and will get the posters and maps done. so more to come!

anton mobin – emitter 19 – time travel and a big truck

Today I rerecorded Anton Mobins fantastic and touching piece “Coming from the trees”, a special piece about our 3 years of friendship and collaboration.

I recorded with binaural microphones in front of the barn, some wind and humming birds and bees. at the end a truck that changes the water filter for the residency,enjoy!

Anton Mobin – Coming from the trees

“Coming from the trees” is a friendship tribute, realized like a radiophonic piece. Composed specially by Anton Mobin for Christoph Limbach and his project of residence in California “Sonic Landscape Interventions”.
These recordings are from my own archives and are unpublished for the
greater part and someone were never edited previously.
The story progresses thanks to the souvenirs of the author on the
background of field recordings, of collective compositions and of
sound fragments, recorded in Berlin and Paris between 2009 and 2012
during the various meetings and projects shared between Kris Limbach
and Anton Mobin and other artists.


sept. 2009: Blank Page – curated by Thomas Thiery & Pierce Warnecke

 april-may 2010: Berlin à genoux – daily show from Emitter19
 broadcasted on KKWNE 
Cannibal Caniche Berlin Festival


 nov. 2011: Solo collision Anton Mobin at Emitter Micro Festival

 Four Corners Of The Night (Staaltape , cassette, 2011)
 International Email Audio Art Project, volumes 5 & 9 (Haltapes, web, 2011)

 feb. 2012: recording session at Emitter19 with K. Limbach, P.
 Warnecke, A. Mobin
 feb. 2012: recording session at Emitter19 with K. Limbach, H. Quirin,
 A. Mobin
 feb. 2012: recording session at Emitter19 with H. Quirin, A. Mobin