sonic submissions

Dario Moratilla – what we saw from the second floor


Some Foley sounds cycles recorded at
Atocha estacion de trenes Madrid
Arcensor Fonoteca puertas de castilla Murcia
Bombila calle cerca de la Tabakalera Madrid
creada en Tronar Studio 2.1 Iriepal

agosto 2012 copyright Dario Saenz Moratilla
sonidos grabados con Tascam-dr 100 Zoom h4 h2

Hans Nibler Memorial – Psychoacoustricks

Flavien Gillié – From Haren to Chalk Hill


The installation consists of selected field recordings (contact microphones, coil microphones and more standard ones) from Haren and around, treated and played randomly (I call them impossible landscape). It can go from silence to loud.
Haren used to be a village around Brussels but in 1921 it was annexed by the city and became part of Brussels. Mostly because of it’s empty spaces, vegetables fields were the converted into industries, railways but the village was somehow preserved. Nos almost all the industries are abandoned, trains and plains remain, and the village knows a growing interest from urban buying there some cheap houses (comapred to the Brussels prices).

Hopek Quirin & Jochen Arbeit – Live @ WestGermany



Anton Mobin – Coming from the trees

“Coming from the trees” is a friendship tribute, realized like a radiophonic piece. Composed specially by Anton Mobin for Christoph Limbach and his project of residence in California “Sonic Landscape Interventions”.

These recordings are from my own archivse and are unpublished for the greater part and someone were never edited previously.

The story progresses thanks to the souvenirs of the author on the background of field recordings, of collective compositions and of sound fragments, recorded in Berlin and Paris between 2009 and 2012 during the various meetings and projects shared between Kris Limbach and Anton Mobin and other artists.

sept. 2009: Blank Page – curated by Thomas Thiery & Pierce Warnecke

april-may 2010: Berlin à genoux – daily show from Emitter19 broadcasted on KKWNE 
Cannibal Caniche Berlin Festival

nov. 2011: Solo collision Anton Mobin at Emitter Micro Festival

Four Corners Of The Night (Staaltape , cassette, 2011)
International Email Audio Art Project, volumes 5 & 9 (Haltapes, web, 2011)

feb. 2012: recording session at Emitter19 with K. Limbach, P. Warnecke, A. Mobin
feb. 2012: recording session at Emitter19 with K. Limbach, H. Quirin, A. Mobin
feb. 2012: recording session at Emitter19 with H. Quirin, A. Mobin

Hopek Quirin – Mühle 


Jen Eberhardt – Thunderstorm


Kris Limbach & Pierce Warnecke – Field improvisation


Hopek Quirin – 4 track tape recording (installation 1989)


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